Technology is a complicated topic. It doesn’t help that most people who write about it are industry insiders with poor communication skills. Regular people don’t understand terms like “MITM”, “DDoS”, and “Kexts”, so it’s time for a different approach.

As privacy and online security are under constant attack, we all need a place to learn about technology that uses regular language to explain even the most complicated of concepts in easy-to-understand ways. I know that’s possible: I’ve already been doing it for the past ten years!

I’m a 25+ year veteran of technology and worked at huge places like Nike, The Getty Center, and other world-class institutions. In those jobs, I was hired to deliver extremely complicated technology solutions and code which have been deployed globally.

I’m also a published author. I authored a book on technology and I created one of the most popular technology series on Medium. I’ve made a career of explaining the world of tech in easy-to-understand and funny ways. I’ve even sold a screenplay to a major studio along with short fiction and non-fiction to magazines and websites around the world.

My promises:

  • I won’t speak over your head.

  • I’ll work very hard to not confuse you.

  • I’ll use terms and explanations that you can understand.

  • I’ll help make technology approachable.

  • I’ll even make you laugh every now and then.

If you’re going to invest your time and money in me, then I feel I should be held to these promises. If not, click here to let me know and I’ll make it right.