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Episode #66: Why I'm Ditching my Watch (Paid Member Version)Listen now (14 min) | Why I'll Never Use Apple's or ANY Smartwatch Ever Again
Episode #65: The Future of Security - Apple Edition (Paid Member Version)Listen now (20 min) | What the Tech Giant is Doing to Improve Security... and Convenience
Episode #64: Skiff & The Future of Digital PrivacyWatch now (31 min) | A Chat With Andrew Milich, CEO and Founder of Skiff
What Kind of Tech Confuses, Bothers, or Inspires You...?I’ve now passed SIXTY episodes created for my subscribers, and - to celebrate - I want more input from you. Talk to me! Poost a few answers to t…
Episode #63: A Fun, Time-Saving ShortcutWatch now (3 min) | Use this tip if you're on MacOS and take pics with your iPhone
Episode #62: Tips & Tricks for Better Security & PrivacyWatch now (14 min) | Things to Know, Tools to Use, Fun To Have...
How a Small USB Key Can Change Your Life
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