Episode 28: A Brief Announcement

A New Tier For All of my Subscribers


Although, I’m deep into researching and writing episode 29 — a deep dive into wireless earbuds — I wanted to quickly check-in with all of you. Why? Because it’s an odd, strange, and rapidly-changing time. As you know if you’ve read Episode 27, we were burglarized during the pandemic lockdown. Given all that’s happening in the world, I simply hope that you’re taking care of yourself and those around you.

The world needs more calm, centered, healthy, and kind people right now.

Technology can either help or hinder in that approach, so choose wisely and with specific goals in mind. Perhaps you shut off all electronics one hour prior to bed. Perhaps you start your day with some kind of religious or spiritual practice before checking the headlines and your email.

I don’t know what’s best for you: you do. So be deliberate or conscious in your choices and trust your instincts. OK…? OK.

Good: I’m glad we had that chat. :)

In other news, I’m pleased that so many of you have taken the time to write to me since I began this newsletter. Thank you! It’s great to hear from my readers and subscribers. However, most of you write regarding personal questions about your technology. On average, I’m asked 10-20 tech questions every week from readers, friends, family, and others. In the past, I answered everyone’s questions to help wherever and whenever I could.

I now no longer have that kind of time! Therefore, I can offer the following if you’d like me to answer some of your personal, technical questions:

  1. Become a paid subscriber of my newsletter. Paid subscribers can ask short questions in the comments sections of each of my episodes and get answers to those questions.

  2. Book 30min of consulting time with me for $75. I’ll focus on a core issue or problem that you’re having. Then, we’ll work to find a solution or an approach that addresses the underlying snafu.

  3. Become a subscriber at the “Founding Member” level for $500/yr.

Most of you - and rightly so - will correctly recognize that you’d never pay $500/yr for a digital newsletter. I know that, of course, which is why I’m not selling you on my newsletter in that last option:

I’m selling you on ME.

For that $500/yr, you’re not only getting access to my newsletter but you’re also getting access to me as your personal IT resource for one issue per month.

My consulting business rate is $200/hr. So for the financial equivalent of 2.5 billable hours of my time, you’ve got access to me, my rolodex, my knowledge, and my expertise throughout the entire year. Here’s how it works…

Once you’ve subscribed as a Founding Member, I’ll provide you with a special Founders email address where you can contact me. Then, you’re welcome to ask me all kinds of questions during the year about your personal tech. For example:

  • Do you have questions about what product to purchase for a home theater?

  • Would you like to know the best ways to protect the teens in your home from access to less-than-savory material online?

  • Are you a senior-level systems admin who’s need assistance writing a UNIX script to help deploy software?

It’s all fair game for my Founding Members. Pick up to one topic a month and let me know your specific needs. You’ll receive, in writing, personalized and specific technical answers to help guide your way. Write-ups will include links, research, and answers for the questions you seek.

To become a Founding Member, click here, enter the email address where you’re currently getting my newsletter, and update your subscription. I’ll be in touch shortly after that.

And that’s a wrap for today, everyone. Thanks again, for reading or for being a subscriber. As always… surf safe.


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