Episode 14: A Fun Shortcut (or two) on iOS

Some pro-tips to save you time...

Hey folks and hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend.

As most of you know, I tend to do fairly deep dives into a particular topic when I write to you. Today is different. Today’s episode features a few, fun, time-saving tricks you might not know about in iOS. So let’s dig in!

What You Probably Already Knew

In most every version of iOS is the ability to tap-and-hold on any icon (or folder of icons) on your home screen. After about 2 seconds of holding your tap, all icons begin shaking and you magically unlock the ability to drag and move that app or folder. That functionality is shown fairly well, here:

What You Probably Didn’t Know

You can use a second finger to tap-to-add multiple icons! That means if you’d like (or need) to move 4, 5 or even 10 icons from one screen to another, you can do so quickly and efficiently. That ability is shown here:

Neat, right?!

What You Also Probably Didn’t Know

This tap-and-hold method is also useful in other, unexpected places. I find it’s especially useful in action screens where you’ve selected a file or a photo:

The best part? For every app on your device that has an action screen — photos, the amazing Brave web browser, Maps, and Podcasting to name only a few — the actions you can perform and the associated apps can all be moved by you to suit your preferences. Below, on the left is the iOS Brave Web Browser (highly recommended, by the way) and, on the right, Apple’s Maps app.

Both apps feature a bottom row of “action” icons which allow you to take various actions with the object you’ve just selected. Both apps also feature a top row of associated apps that allow you to hand off the object in question to another application, say when you want to send your photo, website, or map location via text message to someone.

All of these icons in both rows are customizable, per app, giving you the opportunity to set up your iOS device exactly as you wish for a more streamlined experience.

That’s it for today’s episode, everyone. Thanks again for reading and for being a subscriber. As always… surf safe.

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