Ep. 9: A Call for Topics

Let's Talk About What YOU Want to Learn

Greetings, everyone.

I had a really productive conversation with a technically-minded friend yesterday. He’s actually the fella who suggested that I put this email newsletter together in the first place. We got to talking about my newsletter and, as a result, I’ve decided to make a few changes.

  • First, for those of you who might be balking at the cost, I’ve dropped the paid version down to $40/year. That’s less than $4/mo to be able to read my work and gain access to my responses. Free subscribers will continue to receive free content and have access to the free archives.

  • Second, because I’m writing for different kinds of subscribers, I want to know the answer to this question: which topics are most important for you?

To leave me an answer to that question, just scroll down to the bottom of this email, click the comment icon (as shown below), and you’ll be directed to the newsletter webpage where you can chime in with future topics you’d like me to explore. I’ll do the best I can to cover those topics.

That’s it. Just a quick check in. Although… there is: one more thing.


For those of you who enjoy playing games on your digital devices, here’s a neat trick that works a fair amount of the time. Ever download a free game to see if you like it before paying for the full version. Me too. The problem? Free games usually have an insane amount of ads that pop-up disturbing the gaming experience.

However, those ads usually — not always — depend on a connection to the interwebs, so… if you put your device in “airplane mode”, there’s no way for the game to receive the ads. The result? You get an ad-free experience that allows you to better experience the game.

I just discovered this fun tip last night at 3am after I needed to feed my infant and couldn’t fall back asleep. It probably won’t work on all game, but it worked on the last two that I downloaded: Wordscapes and Color Bump 3D.

As always, surf safe.